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Naruto manga 439 spoiler - prediction - discussion

These are collated Predictions, Theories and Spoilers of Naruto Manga Chapter 439. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto Chapter 439 by Wednesday, March 11 (Japan Time).

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by: Zeth3047

I am so much relieved! I cant tell you how happy I am that Hinata is still alive! These are my thoughts for this coming chapter:

1. The last time that Naruto was in 4-tail kyuubi, he was so very destructive. His chakra was so intense and powerful enough that it actually destroyed everything around him! My point is, HE IS NOW A 6-TAIL KYUUBI what if:
  • The kyuubi's chakra is also destroying Naruto's body! It is tearing him apart! If this continues, the 6-tail chakra is enough to cause so much damage to Naruto himself - this power can even kill Naruto himself (but on the contrary, the kyuubi wont allow Naruto, his host body, to die.
2. Why is it that the 6-Tail Kyuubi got bones all over him? Is that the effect from sage mode or from itachi jutsu?

3. Where is Yamato anyway? Is he far from the Konoha attack? All three: Anko, Sai and Yamato doesn't have Katsuyu. And they don't seem injured at all like the rest of the characters, they maybe have recive some mission from godaime / tsunade in order to find kabuto, capture him and get information. IT MAY TAKE A WHILE FOR YAMATO TO REACH THE 6-TAIL KYUUBI!

4. The 6-tail kyuubi destroyed the necklace that Tsunade gave Naruto! If you remember, the crystal necklace is from Shodai Hokage. It only responds to Shodai's chakra. Take note the Shodai was able to control the kyuubi then.

5. Now the god realm are close enough with the real pain, he finally will use his secret jutsu.
Chibaku Tensei must be use lots of chakra.

6. Naruto now in 6 tails form, if yamato does't help naruto maybe naruto will continue his transform into 9 tails.

7. this is my prediction :
  • Konoha was save from being destroy by god realm and the 6 tails, why? Because god realm has to retreat in order to close enough with the real pain ( nagato ) so god realm can use "Chibaku Tensei". They getting further from the village, will naruto survive from god realm secret jutsu?
  • Hinata being saved because the 2 monster getting further from the village, so sakura can treat her wound
  • Yamato can't close enough with naruto if Naruto still fight with god realm, Yamato are no match with the 2 monster

At present, the crystal necklace is the only means by which Yamato can control the Kyuubi. Naruto wearing the necklace makes it an easy task for Yamato to take control.

The Question is, now that the crystal necklace is destroyed:
  • Will Yamato be able to control Naruto/6-Tail Kyuubi?
  • Will Yamato's jutsu even have an effect on the kyuubi?
  • Will Yamato help naruto in time, and get close enough with Naruto to use his jutsu and surpress kyuubi chakra?


Status: Prediction

1. Sasuke shows up and for some reason or another saves Naruto. - less likely.

2. Hachibi(the eight tails) shows up and saves Naruto from Pein, in his weakened state the eight tails could easily make Pein retreat or kill him. - More likely.

3. Yamato/Anko/Sai all together rescue Naruto. -possibility.

4. And finally the only other possibility I can think of to be honest is Kushina(NAruto's mother) appear to save the day. -Unlikely, if she were alive it would be unlikely that she would be standing by while all this stuff has been happening to her son.


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These are collated Predictions, Theories and Spoilers of Naruto Manga Chapter 438. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto Chapter 438 by Wednesday, March 4-5 (Japan Time). The English Translated copies will be released Friday.


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NARUTO's 10th Year Commemorative Teaser


Hinata says, "Naruto kun...Na..."

I know it's short, but it helps those who cannot sleep since friday last week. This means she's still alive (and about to die by the looks of it).

by: Kaeruu



Text from pictures

First Pic/second pic:
Naruto turns to Kyuubi...
Kishimoto Masashi 438: Fuuin Hakai (Seal Release)!!!
Sakura: This chakra's feeling... from that time!!!
Gamakichi: What's going on?!
Hyuuga: Hinata-sama went out to help Naruto-kun!!!
Sakura: It.... It can't be!!!

Third pic: Uoooooo!!!!

Fourth pic: Hinata: Na... Naruto-kun

Fifth pic:
Sai: (Note: can't read, sorry)
Anko: (Note: same here)
Sign on Yamato's palm: Six (6)
Anko: What's wrong?
Yamato: (Note: can't read first part.)... Six [tails]...Impossible!
Yamato: Emergency situation!

Sixth pic/seventh pic::
Naruto: Uoooooo!!!!
Nagato: Tendou is close to ten minutes.
Tendou: Chibaku Tensei (Surface Burst Heavenly Star)


Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler


Pain's jutsu isn't working on Naruto.
Rather damaging Pain himself.
Hinata is barely alive.
Sakura is told to evacuate everyone.
Outside Yamato, Anko and Sai are searching for ?Kabuto?
Yamato becomes aware of Naruto's situation.
Next week: Pain standing against Kyuubi's energy.
"Chibaku Tensei".

Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星) - Surface Burst Heavenly Subjugation.

A "Surface Burst" is a type of explosion where the blast is at surface level or just above surface level, such that the radius of the fireball causes a crater and sends a shockwave through the ground. In contrast with an "Air Burst", the overall destructive radius of a surface burst is smaller but the destruction at ground zero is more concentrated. Usually used to describe nuclear explosions.


サクラ:このチャクラの感じ... あの時の...
Sakura: The feeling of this chakra... Like that time...
Sakura: What’s happening!?
Hyuga: Lady Hinata has gone out in attempt to help Naruto!

Sakura: W…what!? (i.e. impossible, it can't be, etc etc etc.)


ナ... ナルトくん..
Hinata: Na… naruto..


Anko: What’s wrong?
ヤマト:自力で... 六本なんてありえないぞ。
Yamato: T... that's impossible, he achieve 6 tails on his own!
Yamato: This is a pressing situation! Forgive me but (got cut off here)


Nagato: You’ve gotten close enough to the Deva Path. (i.e. That’s as far as you go)
Deva: Chibaku Tensei

by: kokuu

Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler

The bones around kyuubi it's throughout the body; (??)
Naruto talk with kyuubi, the talk isn't seen, only kyuubi answered: "alright";
Kyuubi with a punch in floor raises everything;
Pain see something stranger;
Hinata it's in one of 6 tails of the kyuubi;
Pain notes that chakra of kyuubi it's healing hinata in her injury on the breast;
Tsunade and Sakura join with shikamaru and the other;
Tsunade cry to know of the death of shizune;
Pain doesn't maked follow the speed of kyuubi, he appers tired; (??)
Zetsu appers behind Pain;
Pain: "It'll not be easy, I will use that";
Zetsu: "This will let you immobilized for a long time";
Pain: "Doesn't matter, you take kyuubi for the place intended";
Chapter ends with Pain making seals.



In order to overthrow Pein,
(1)the training in perfecting senjutsu is abandoned!!!!
(2)the senjutsu training is completed!!!!
~The formation of the kanji confuse me; so, I am not entirely certain which of the two is more accurate, unfortunately.~

Naruto VS Pein
Big Special Edition!!

The reason the "Akatsuki" leader aims for Naruto is!?

Pein's birthplace is the village of Amegakure; although, when he was young, it became the battlegrounds between the great nations, and was devistated.
This "pain" experienced by Pain (__) "pain" onto the world, and with that, his personal belief is to bring "peace," but in order to do that, the organization "Akatsuki" had to team up!!
~Some of the kanji, I cannot quite quite make out; so, this part is a little disjointed.~

The direct confrontation between Naruto and Pein is reaching its climax!
This time, the fight happens to reach the point where the whole story is thoroughly explained!!

The companions who become the sacrifices for Pein...

Jiraiya, Kakashi, Fukasaku, and Shizune... the companions who are defeated by Pein, an emotional Naruto is pierced (__)
Naruto, the child of prophesy, who is entrusted with the will of fire, is it possible for him to change the ninja world!?

The conclusion of the fight where hate bears hate is...!!

~Eh, basically stuff we already really know. In any case, I shall do the rest tomorrow (unless someone translates the rest before me). I'm tired, and I am slow at transcribing text.~
Status: UNCONFIRMED Spoiler


Black sticks that were holding Naruto from movement - are blood, containing in form with chakra.
Hinata's jutsu slightly touched Pain, and disorder his chakra control.
What we saw in Pain's sleeve, when he atacked Hinata were those sticks melting.
Naruto charges hiz laser, Pain notices that and grasp fainted Hinata:
Pain: *Some usual **** about pain*

But Naruto doesn't seems to recognize Hinata and fire, Pain retreats.
Pain: *Some usual **** about killing him*

Team Neji finds Jiraiya's toad and ?finds Hinata?

Scene changes to Shikamaru standing near to some tower.


Naruto VS Pain
Ultra-special edition!!

The man-to-man battle between Naruto and Pain is reaching its climax!
A thorough explanation about how that battle came to happen!!

-Under Pain's name: For what reason does Akatsuki's leader target Naruto?
Pain's home, the Hidden Rain was ruined by the wars between the great countries. He endeavored to found the Akatsuki in order to share his pain with the world and impose his idea of peace.

-Under Naruto's name: The comrades who fell victim to Pain
Jiraiya, Kakashi, Shizune, Fukasaku... Remembering all those lost to Pain pushes Naruto into action!! Entrusted with the Will of Fire, Will Naruto, the Child of Prophecy, be able to change the shinobi world?

In the middle: Hatred breeds hatred. The conclusion of the battle...!!

On Naruto's side of the page:

Kakashi: He fights Tendou and Shuradou (Heaven and Demon Path), but gets crushed by Tendou's Shinra Tensei. He depletes his chakra pool to save Chouji.
Jiraiya: Died in battle while investigating Pain in the Hidden Rain. He entrusts the info he's gathered about Pain to Naruto.
Fukasaku: He taught Senjutsu to Naruto so he could fight Pain. Upon trying his genjutsu on Pain a second time, he gets interrupted and killed by him.
Shizune: Upon investigating Pain's identity, she finds out Pain's bodies are corpses. But Ningendou (Human Path) probes her mind and takes her life.

How far will Naruto's Senjutsu prove efficient?
Upon becoming a Sage, Naruto became able to make a projectile rasenshuriken!! (something about how efficient the jutsu is). But Tendou repelled his jutsu. How will Naruto fare against him?

Tendou Pain's Shinra Tensei!!
The power to repel things, Shinra Tensei. The power to attract things, Bansho Ten'in!! Shinra Tensei is used to deflect enemy jutsu. Tendou Pain destroyed the Leaf village with it!!

On Pain's side


His village, a battle ground for the great countries!
His country ravaged by the wars between the great countries, Pain loses his family and his friends. (The rest is about hatred in the shinobi world, and what Pain plans to do about it.

(A portion of text I didn't translate.)

Bring Pain to the world...
The greatest weapon, out of the bijuu's chakra!

Jigokudou (Hell): The one with the ability to revive the others with the powers of Enma Dai-Ou. Naruto successfully brings him down with a double-rasengan.
Chikushoudou (Animal): The summoner Pain. He can summon animals, and is responsible for summoning the other Pains from outside the village, into its walls.
Shuradou: A massive, robot-lie body. (something kinda hard to read). Destroyed in one blow by Naruto.
Gakidou (Hungry Ghost): He absorbs any attack that isn't taijutsu. He was turned into stone upon absorbing natural energy from Naruto.
Ningendou (Human): Reads and rips out people's souls. The enemy dies instantly. He did this to Shizune, thus finding out Naruto wasn't in the village.
by: saske.77

My thoughts:

1. Kishi sure knows how to keep readers holding their breath!! A 6-Tail-Kyuubi!!!!
Naruto must\ have been so outraged!! Killing Hinata in front of Naruto is something Naruto
never expected thus became uncontrollable.

2. YAMATO - where are you!!! Naruto transform into KYUUBI here!
Please help him Yamato!!!

3. I dont understand why at the expense of Hinata? Does this mean Hinata is dead, or will she
soon be? My guess - Hinata will die soon - she afterall told Naruto how she felt for him. -
BUT AGAIN - this isn't the type of ending I would want for Hinata!

4. I don't like this, naruto in 6 tail form? i want to see naruto won by his own power.

5. Can you see the form of naruto with his 6 tails? does't it look like susano and kyuubi?
I think it maybe effect from jutsu that given by itachi


Other prediction

1. Pain says he is still strong ( in naruto 437) and he goes ahead and surpresses the kyuubi power completly.

2. Naruto is helpless

3. There is no way the writer will leave other characters in the episode without introducing them again. And now sasuke will pop up in front of pain

4. With one blow pain is thrown away.

5. Sasuke will give another blow to pain with his Raiton move

6. Naruto in full sage

7. Naruto emits balls of chakra pumping aout at full force toward pain

8. The 7th tails starts popping out of naruto

9. The seal in naruto completely broken, and awaken the 9th tails. Pain gets slammed by naruto cloak demon form

Other prediction

I hate to say it but. I think that Hinata doesn't stand a chance. I mean Kakashi, Jiraiya, Shizune, Itachi (Who was revealed as a good guy.),Papa Toad, and Mama Toad all got killed...The chances of her surviving are 0.00000001 out of 100 Million. I think that Naruto will either fight back to take control over his body and then gain control of all the demon forms up to the 6th tail. OR Naruto will suppress the Kyuubi's chakra and use his own strength to fight Pain.

Also I think that Sasuke will arive to attack Kohona and notice the village and then Naruto confrunts him. Then Madara tells Sasuke and Naruto about how he was using the Akatsuki and Sasuke to get to Kohona. Causing Naruto and Sasuke to team up and Defeat him bringing Peace to the Ninja World.
Source: NaruSaku fan


Opinion / Theory on naruto story

This is a theory i have been thinking about for a long time, but never really got around to posting it because it wasn't top of my list on the theories/threads that i wanted to post. Anyway i think its pretty apparent from the hints in the manga that Tsunade and Dan are Minato's mother/father. The reason i think this is true is because there are just so many hints shown in the manga and Data-book thats its almost undeniable. So i'll try and keep this short and post them in a list
1-Tsunade and Minato have the same exact blood type(B).

2-Dan and Minato graduated the Academy at the Same time(When they were 10) *not literally the SAME year

3-Tsunade and Minato Share the Same Hair Color(Blond)

4-Minato and Dan are around the same height and weight as each other(they are only different by a 3-4 in both categories)

5-Naruto and Nawaki(tsunade's brother) look nearly identical. Shows possibly a family resemblance

6-Its interesting that naruto always calls Tsunade Grandma Tsunade, which would be very ironic on kishi's part if it was true

Now that the basic comparisons are over here's the real big evidance

5-Madara suggest that the Hokage line has been kept in the Senju clan for years. When he talks about this their is a picture of the hokage mountain and it shows the fourth hokage's head on it. This implies that the Hokage position was still held by the Senju even during the fourth Hokage's time, which inturn implies that the fourth hokage is a Senju.

Where else would he get the blood from the Senju clan then Tsunade.

6-Tsunade passes down the hokage necklace to naruto which was set to stay in Tsunade's family and passed down in their family since the first hokage. Since there is a big deal made out of the necklace i think this implies that Naruto might be in Tsunade's family.

7-Yamato remarks about naruto's Chakra being special because he is able to hold off the power of the 4-tails w/o dieing. This might be because naruto is related to the Senju clan and thus his chakra has the same qualities as Shodai which helps to protect him from the kyuubi chakra

8-There is a great amount of symbolism between Shodai-Naruto and Sasuke-Madara. They stood on that statues of each other at the valley of the end(Naruto on Shodai's and Sasuke on Madara's). Many people thought this implied that Shodai is like naruto and sasuke is like Madara. But Sasuke is actually and Uchiha so i don't see why this wouldn't also imply that naruto is a Senju.

9-And i think this is the biggest telling piece of information eventhough some people might read the dialog differently then i did. Now remember the chapter where Jiriaya tells Tsunade that he is going to Ame to look for AL and they have Sake. Well when their discussion turns to minato alot of things bother me about the way Jiriaya talks to Tsunade.

First look at Tsunade's face when she says Minato-Namikaze on page 10 chapter 367 she seems very sad about saying his name. Now this can be explained away by her just having been friends with him or something and being sad thinking about how he died, but it creates a very wierd mood for what happens next. First Jiriaya goes on to brag about Minato and what he was like and his amazing Genius.

Which let me say its weird that Jiriaya even brought up Minato at this point in the conversation because previously they were talking about how Tsunade has lost so many people in the past and about how she rejected Jiriaya's advances. Then Jiriaya seems to imply that he thought of Minato as a son and brags about him to which he says that if Minato had been his son he would have bragged about him constantly.

But what makes this suspect to me is he says i never had any kids of my own while looking at Tsunade and then says if Minato had been my kid...etc.. Doesn't this sound like what some one would say to a mother who lost their child...just replace minato with your son and doesn't the whole dialog seem right.

For example i will redo the dialog this way

"Tsunade you son had talent only seen once in a decade at best. He was a genius...No one like him has been born in awhile." "He was such a nice kid yet his guts and desire to succeed were the fiercest i have ever seen." "and in the blink of an eye he was our fourth hokage." "I never had kids so i don't know what its like, but if he had been my son i would have bragged about him all the time."

Now i want you to think about what kind of character Jiriaya is. He's the guy who failed all his life at love and he failed to Dan. Now think about it if Jiriaya had succeeded with Tsunade he would have been Minato's father instead of Dan. Its basically like Jiriaya is saying he always thought of Minato as his son because he could have very well been his father if it wasn't for a simple twist of fate. Basically that whole converstation made me think that Jiriaya was talking about Minato as if he was Tsunade's son and if you read the flow of that conversation from its start to finish with the idea that Minato is Tsunade's son alot of Jiriaya's jokes and ways that he talks makes alot of sense.

So whats my theory on how Minato is Tsunade's son. I think that Tsunade got pregnant by Dan a little bit before he went off on the mission that killed him. She also was doing missions because she didn't know that she herself was pregnant yet. After Dan Died she found that she was pregnant with his child which caused her to go even more into the depression that led her to leave the village. I think after Dan died she stayed in the village long enough to give birth to Minato and then she put him up for adoption and left the village.

Years later Jiriaya trained Minato because he loved Tsunade so much. Basically Jiriaya felt like Minato could have been his kid and he wanted to be a father to Tsunade's kid becuase of his love for her. So he trained Minato and they did gain a father son bond which later resulted in Jiriaya ironically becoming naruto's God Father. Tsunade probably never told Minato that he was her kid, but all the elders of Konoha knew because they knew she put him up for adoption as a baby, which made Minato a member of the Senju clan which helped increase his chances of becoming hokage.

The genius of kishimoto can truly be seen if this theory is true. For many reasons:

1-It will be important in naruto becoming a full pledge ninja because he might develop some of Shodai's power to allow him to control the demon fox or it might help explain why he is able to finally control the demon fox with his own chakra. It would also build up the tension between Sasuke and Naruto if naruto was a true Senju clan member.

2-It fit perfectly with the irony of Jiriaya's story/character. Jiriaya failed in love eventhough and Dan won out. Jiriaya could have been Minato's father, but he ended up becoming Minato's Sensei and Foster father figure anyway. Eventhough he failed in love with Tsunade he was still able to become part of Minato's family and even became naruto's God father.

3-It would fit perfectly with Tsunade's dynamic with naruto and her troubled past storyline. It would also be amazing if naruto did find out Tsunade was his grandmother right before she died. Also Tsunade would then be in a position to be the one to reveal naruto's entire lineage to him. It would also make sense why she was so willing to bet the necklace with naruto because he is part of the Senju clan as well.

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