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Jutsu on naruto

What is a Jutsu? Well, basically it's an attack. Which means this sections is about the different types of attacks. Not the attacks themselves but the types (i.e. Physical Attacks, not a Kick). For each Jutsu type, we have supplied a description of what that type is and an image of a character using that type of Jutsu.

Doujutsu - This kind of Jutsu involves using ones eyes, and will recognize others Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu techniques to form a counter attack. Two examples of Doujutsu attacks would be Sharingan and White Eyes. Typically the only people who are able to use Doujutsu attacks are people born into a family that already knows it. Because these attacks don't require much chakra they can be used from long amounts of time, without tiring the user.

Genjutsu - These kinds of attacks use mostly illusions, and are performed to confuse the enemy; giving them visions and hallucinations. They're mainly used if the user wants to run away or attack from a distance without the enemy knowing. Genjutsu attacks usually will require a lot of skill, and if performed incorrectly will not work. These types of attacks use up a high amount of chakra and need perfect hand seals. Because of this they're most often used by a fighter with very high amounts of chakra or as a last resort.

Hijutsu - Also known as Bloodline Limit techniques, these attacks are limited to those who belong to a certain clan or are the only one able to perform the attack. An example of a Hijutsu technique is White Eyes. It's only known by members of the Hyuuga Clan, and is only possible because of that clans bloodline limits. But techniques like Naruto's sexy attack wouldn't fall into this category. Yes, he's the only person seen using it so far, but that doesn't mean that no one else could use it if they wanted to.

Kinjutsu - Kinjutsu attacks are the techniques that have been banned or outlawed by the leader of a village. These kinds of attacks are usually ones that can do extreme amounts of damage and are dangerous if to fall into the wrong hands. It's because of this that they are made illegal. In the first few episodes of the series, Naruto is shown stealing a scroll with many Kinjutsu attacks, this is how he learns the forbidden version of Shadow Divided Art.

Ninjutsu - Probably the most common Jutsu type, Ninjutsu uses hand seals and chakra to make attacks. The more control someone has over their chakra the more powerful they'll be able to make a ninjutsu attack be. If the user is not able to fully concentrate while performing a ninjutsu attack it will not work successfully. A good example of a standard Ninjutsu skill would be the Body Substitute Skill. This technique allows the user to turn a regular item (usually a broken branch of some kind), into a real looking person. However, this person is only an illusion and cannot actually hurt someone.

Taijutsu - This type of jutsu really only uses ones physical strength, and involves a lot of hand-hand combat. Taijutsu attacks are typically very fast, complex and usually require no chakra. A good example of a Taijutsu user would be Rock Lee, who only uses this type of jutsu. Because these kinds of attacks use only physical strength and are so much different from the other jutsus, most counter attacks won't work and thus gives the Taijutsu user an advantage.

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