Saturday, 7 February 2009

Naruto manga 435

Naruto vs pain in Naruto manga 435

Naruto chakra being absorb by pain, and Naruto out of "sage chakra" again. Naruto in very dangerous situation, because there's only 1 more kagebunshin.

Pain "Shinra Tensei" is a great jutsu, you can see that gamabuta, gamaken, gamahiro is defeat by this jutsu.

Now we just wait naruto shippuden chapter 435 spoiler raw released to download or watch it online. At this rate the possible scenaries of the plot between naruto and pain in Naruto manga 435 :
  1. That being absorb by pain was Naruto kagebunshin
  2. Naruto will defeat pain with use his last sage mode
  3. That will be another help for naruto from being defeated by pain ( i think this is imposible because no one else in konoha that can fight agains pain) naruto is the one that can defeat pain
  4. Naruto will defeat by pain most powerfull jutsu
  5. Naruto will use the key of jutsu from jiraiya scroll (see chap. 370)
  6. Naruto was out of chakra and use the nine-tail chakra to defeat "pain"
  7. The Pa,Ma (frog) was ready with the illusions, then release the jutsu so naruto can defeat "pain" with Fuuton rasenshuriken
  8. Sasuke will show up...( imposible, now the manga is more focus on naruto vs pain)

Release Date info

* Naruto anime 96 (02/12/09)
* Naruto anime 97 (02/19/09)
Naruto manga chapter 435 (02/13/09)
* Naruto manga chapter
436 (02/20/09)

For now, tell us what you think will happend in the chapter 435.... You can share your prediction here

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