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Naruto manga 436 Spoiler and discussion

Based to the previous chapter the possible scenario of the plot for the "Naruto manga 436" chapter is

1. Ino father finally figure out where the real pain and tell to shikamaru
2. Shikamaru will help naruto to find the real pain
3. Naruto will use the kyuubi power and transform into 4 tail
4. Naruto finally defeat pain with the power of 4 tail
5. Fukasaku not die and still can use the hipnotize jutsu to help naruto
6. The gai team will show up and help naruto


Status: Theory and Prediction

People still believe that Naruto will lose and get capture? Naruto have just about the same chance of losing this fight and getting capture as he had against Kakazu. This fight was set up for Naruto win, just like the Kakazu fight was set for him. He ain't going to lose to Pein after he just went to train to fight him, what will be the point of the train if he lose and get capture? What will be the point of Konoha protecting him and getting destroy in the process just for him to get capture? What will be the point of Jiraiya dying for him if he is just going to get capture? What is the point of Shizune, possible Pa, and unlikely Kakashi death for him to just get capture? So you real believe that Kishi is going to make all this effort in vain?

Like i have said many times, there are three possible outcome for this fight:

1. Naruto wins.

2. Naruto wins.

3. You guessed right....Naruto wins.

Naruto ain't losing this fight, Pein became a dead man walking 6 chapters ago. Furthermore, what is the point of Pein surviving this fight? For Naruto to have to fight him again? That will be stupid and repetitive. Pein part of the manga is over(almost over), it is Nagato turn. Pein already served his purpose, and it is time for him to end up 6 feet under. Also what is the point of Naruto getting capture when we already know he is not going get the Kyuubi exacted from him? We already know Aka can't exact the Kyuubi until they capture Killerbee. Moreover, the chance of Naruto ever getting the Kyuubi exact from him became 0% ever since Jiraiya revealed that Minato sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto for a reason and that he intended for Naruto to use it to complete "that jutsu".

Also i find it ridiculous that anyone that have read this manga up to this point is actually counting Naruto out already, just go to show some peoples little understanding of what they are reading. If there is one thing that will know about Naruto, it is never out of a fight. Almost every Naruto follow this pattern, in which it seem like Naruto is about to lose and out of nowhere BOOM, through determination pull through and defeat his opponent.

All in all, Naruto ain't losing this fight.

by: knuckleheadedninja

Status: Theories and Prediction

I can see toward the end of the next chapter after the monologue a determined Naruto still not giving up wrenching his hands free from a shocked Pain. Pain will probably discover that unlike with other ninja, that his disruptive chakra will not be enough to overwhelm Naruto. Due to what he can already endure almost as if it were nothing, while others would easily succumb to it.

Nagato may learn after this fight that his greatest threat does not come from the power of the Kyuubi, but just as Yamato once said, from Naruto's true strength the power of his own chakra.
by: 4ghost

naruto has greatly improved greatly but as of right know deva realm is on a whole other level than the other 5 bodies. the frogs and konoha elite are down. the best the leaf ninja can hope to do now is find nagato's real body, but they will not find him in time to stop pain from taking naruto.

maybe pain monologue will give some help time to arrive, but i doubt it. if team gai shows up they will not be much help, since they are all mainly taijutsu fighters.

naruto's only option is the 9 tails, and calling on the 9 tails would not show naruto's weakness. naruto is hella strong, but he is not on nagato's level yet. he needs the fox right now.
by: chess4


1. Naruto is now gets flickers of Kyubi's chakra.
2. Sage mode goes to the extreme level and pain gets repelled away from Naruto.
3. The last bunshin is released and finally Naruto gets into full sage mode.
4. The bodies are been carried away and Naruto is now mingled with sage+Kyubi chakra.
5. Danzou has been found to be the culprit and he is at the peak of the mountain controlling the PAIN's.
6. Sasuke comes in and find Konoha has been destroyed.
7. He finds pain and see's that and tells Naruto to get out of the way.
8. Secret - Sasuke has found that it was not konoha's order to kill all the Uchiha clan but Danzos.
9. Uchiha Madara comes into the picture with his jitter to kill out the MAIN PAIN.
10. Others try to find out of Danzous whereabout. Kiba with his smell gets the source and all go for Danzou. PAIN in PAIN

by: tappali keestu

1. NotThese are collated Predictions, Theories and Spoilers of Naruto Manga Chapter 436. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto Chapter 436 by Wednesday, February 18 (Japan Time). These are my thoughts:
ice the first page, it says there, "STOLE KAKASHI" - what exactly does this mean?? Does this mean, Kakashi is dead and Pein plans on using Kakashi's dead body as one of the Six Path of Pain???

2. Pa frog??!! Is he dead?? He could be dead!!! Or he will soon be! I think this isn't the last death. I think all of the frogs will eventually die. Maybe not in this Chapter but in the succeeding chapters. This is so BAD!!!

3. The upcoming chapters should be action-packed! Take note that this is SAGE NARUTO vs GOD PEIN and this is all the action to it???? Kishi better come up with a really good climactic plot! More action and more plot development.

4. Inoichi was able to deduct something. Do you have any inputs on this?

5. What do you think will God Pein unravel? Is it some secret between Pein and Jiraiya? Will it be the true power of God Pein?? Will he be telling Sage Naruto how he plans on killing Naruto?? Will it be a flashback on what really happened why Nagato became GOD PEIN?? If next chapter is flashback - JUST DONT MAKE IT DRAGGING!

Tell us what you think and start any discussions relating to Naruto 436.
by: (Naruto Addict)

1. Do you think naruto will use the kyuubi chakra?
2. Do you think naruto will get help from other ninja in konoha?

Tell us what you think and start any discussions relating to Naruto 436.

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