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Naruto Manga Chapter 437 Spoiler and prediction

These are my my thoughts on "Naruto manga 437 spoiler/prediction"
Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler


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Shikamaru's group. Katsuyu continues moving; One two-man team is formed. A search for the real body was ordered.

Gai's group. Neji discovers the blown away frog.
Neji: "Why is Jiraiya's frog summon in a place like this?
Gai: "Whaat?"
Something serious is going on...

Back to Naruto's conversation. Tendou black rods are stabbed into multiple places in Naruto's body.
Due to Nagato's chakra, not a single finger can move anymore.
Mama frog goes to Naruto.
"That kid Jiraiya and Papa and everyone have entrusted their lives to you
That's why, don't be deceived by him" Mama shouts something like that.
Tendou uses Shinra-something, Mama frog's dead? Note: Shinra-Tensei.

Furthermore, Hinata appears in front of Naruto.
Tendou "Reinforcements?"
Naruto "Hinata, why? Get out. This person will just brush you away"
Hinata "Yup".
Hinata "This is my happiness".
Hinata "I am here now of my own will."

I remember my old self... From here I was thinking of cheering you on in a variety of ways,
yet I was always rescued by Naruto-kun's smiling face.

Hinata "If it's to protect Naruto-kun, my life doesn't matter."
Hinata "I really like Naruto-kun that's why..."
Hinata recklessly attacks Tendou.

Hinata "Juubusoujiken" (Gentle Step Twin Lion Punch)
Hinata's technique hit's God Realms Shinra Tensei.
Hinata was thrown to the ground...
Tendou drops down and uses the chakra rods on the unconscious Hinata.
Blood is flowing out of Hinata's body.

Nagato: I have killed my parents and Konoha's shinobi in front of me as well. Affection... (remembers something)

Naruto: You've murdered Hinata in front of me.... Because of that... Chou Kyuubijin 6 metamorphosis!!! (6-tails. The writing is a mess). Note: Super 9 tailed man 6 metamorphosis
Eyes are visible, coming out in front, a black figure, A 6 tailed-animal wearing the skull of a youko (fox demon)
Even seeing this really horrifying figure, Tendou (Nagato) is unfazed.
Tendou (Nagato) "Let me see if your Pain is comparable to mine."

The end.

Another CONFIRMED Spoiler

She cries something like "don't be beaten by scum like him"

Hinata: because I love you...

Nagato: My parents were murdered by konoha ninja right before my eyes.
Affection is... (I can't remember this bit)

it looks like the black shape from before with 6 tails , it has the deamon fox's skull on it's head.
because [she was] killed before [his] eyes right?
confessed to naruto → killed 10 seconds later?
well, seems like the from was just a frog.

On the first page (there's a section about the fight with pain so far)
pa frog is dead

it's also written that shizune is dead
kakashi used all his chakra up...
it said looks like he might come back

before he stabs hinata tendou's eyes go weird.



Pain: Now I'm giving you a chance to answer me once.

This time there are lots of flashbacks.

Naruto thinks about the 3rd sacrificing his life to protect Konoha, and also Jiraiya sacrificing his life to deliver his message.

how Tsunade taking damage on her own body for protecting Konoha, and Sakura, Kakashi laughing around him.

and Sasuke, who talked about how much he hated his brother and wanted revenge.

In this flashback, Naruto's in part one's clothing.

Naruto: A person who's able to forbear?

Jiraiya: Right, no matter how many trespasses you'll still forbear and continue to perceive

Naruto: This has nothing to do with ninja! Besides, Tsunade bachan mentioned that perverted Hermit was very annoying before!

Then there goes a long discussion about being a forbear-able person.

Inoichi said the black rod will turn hot when receiving chakra. As long as the black rod isn't damage, even if it's not inside a controllable body it'll still continue to receive.

Therefore, the closer is the source the hotter it gets. Use this information to begin searching.

There are two possible high mountains. Anbu searches the first, and Shikamaru and company looks at "Fire Shine Mountain"

"Fire Shine Mountain" originates from the sun reaching the peak of this mountain at noon and shine on Konoha, just like how the Will of Fire shining.

Naruto's answer to Pain is "no matter what I'll still forbear, that's how I'll become Hokage, and wipe away the past, you'll see the change.
_________________________________________________________ image by: zeth3047

1. Nagato, the real Pein (or should I say the skinny-looking-no-leg-rinnegan-master) is at the highest place of Konoha. I think, the Sage Mode Kagebunshin of Naruto will be the one taking care of both Konan and the seemingly undefeateble Real PEIN! Nagato is weak, he wont last long. But Konan wont make it easy for Naruto.
2. I thought before that Pain and Nagato are two in one entities - that can eventually be separated. But from the looks of it, they are actually one! He is all battered up! Killing Pain would mean killing Nagato as well. What do you think??

3. If Pa Frog is seriously injured (and not just a genjustu like most thinks) - take him out of battle area!!! Sakura help Pa Frog!

You may start any discussions relating to Naruto 437.
by: me (Naruto Addict)

Status: Theory

I'm beggining to think that Madara sold poor Nagato a dream. We all know that Madara doesn't want peace at all, this is probably the reason Konan seems to have a distaste for him, she seems the more reasonable of the two.

by warbandit66

Status: Theory

Well all I can say is wow, Nagato looks like he's about to die.

As far as him being defenseless, it looks that way, but there are two things that are telling me we shouldn't write him off as being useless once the Pain bodies are dead.

1. The Rinnegan. We have no idea what else those eyes can do, and if they are indeed stronger than the Sharigan, I'm willing to bet they can do more than just let you use all 5 elements. Nagato might have some crazy techniques up his sleeve once these bodies die.

2. Robotics. Nagato has shown that he is capable of using technology that we didn't even think existed in the Narutoverse. Asura Pain was a android, and Nagato is hooked up too some kind of robot. I'm willing to bet that that thing he is hooked up to has offensive and defensive skills, and he perhaps may have some kind of external suit, that he can use to fight in.

Sure I could be dead wrong with this, however I don't think Nagato is quite as useless as many of us think, even though he's virtually on his death bed.
Status: UNCONFIRMED Spoiler

Pein: Naruto, we live in a cruel world. If you trully wish to bring peace to it, now is your only chance.
Naruto: ...
Pein: Come with me. your death will not be meaningless. I need your power. I need the power of Kyuubi!
Naruto: No...I can't...I...promised I won't die untill I become Hokage...and...and you destroyed my village! I will never forgive you!
Pein: You leave me no choice. you willl come with me with force then.

*Pein is doing some seals* Dark element: Soul bind!
*some black chakara is appearing at his hand, it look kinda like a liquid nitrogen, just black. he's attempting to attack Naruto with it.

unknow person: Hakke: Kuushou!
Pein is being blown away from Naruto.

Naruto: ugh..Neji!
*Team gain appeared*

Gai: what the hell...happend to the village?
*Pein is standing on his feets*

Pein: ironic...
Gai: did this!?
Lee: he has an Akatsuki cloak...I must have been him...
Tenten: *with tears in her eyes* you will pay!

Pein: more rats...I've had it with you people.
*scene goes to Nagato*

Konan: Nagato, you mustn't! You may not survive this one!
Nagato: war has it's sacrifices!

*Pein is forming a cross with his hands*
*Someone's hand is grabbing his shoulder*
Tobi: Pein...stop that...

*Everybody around is like "!!"
Pein: why are you stoping me...?
Tobi: ...
Pein: I expect an answer.
Tobi: are you actuallly questioning my orders?
Pein: Ineed I am.
*they are watching at each other*
Tobi: ...we lost the eight-tails. you must retreat now.

Pein: I thought you vouched for Sasuke...
Tobi: I was... wrong.
Pein: heh...but capturing the Kyuubi child is not an easy task. next time he may get even stronger.
Tobi: don't worry, after we're done with the eight-tails, I will capture him myself...
Naruto: you sonofabitch...who are you! why are you helping him!
Tobi: It all won't matter for you in time...but as for now...

*Tobi is doing some seals*
Sealing jutsu. Light tracking mark!
he created some symbol on Naruto's forehead.

Tobi: grow strong Kyuubi you can no longer hide.
Naruto: damn you...
Tobi: time to go.
*Pein is flying away, while Tobi is teleporting*

Naruto: Damnit...what am I going to do now...
Naruto: "!!" that chakara!
*scene goes to some ruined area*
*Kakashi is crawling out of the rocks*

Kakashi: I'm not done yet!*he has a difrrent shaped mangekyou sharingan.

Next chapter: unwelcomed guests!

Status: UNCONFIRMED Spoiler

Kakashi talking to his father.
Kakashi -...I felt guilty for his death, I'd do anything to reviwe him from death...after we wen't back to the village, me and Rin were preparing to leave , searching for the way to accomplish our goal, even if we would had to use forbidden techniques...I was foolish, making my actions with haste, and without thinking...(flashback about Rin and Kakashi encountering a group of Ninjas)
Wind Ninja - well, unlucky for you kids, our countries aren't allied, therefore you will be killed here!!
(closeup at grownup Kakashis face, he closed his eyes, and the scene goes back to the flashback)
Kakashi - Rin ! let go of her ! (Ninjas are holding Rin and Kakashi)
Rin - Kakashi ! help me !
Kakashi - no, please ! stop that !!
(back to old Kakashi)
Kakashi - and she was killed...right in front of my eyes...I will see her soon, both of them, I pray that they will forgive me...
White Fang - Kakashi, remember what you said to me after you have been promoted to be a Chuunin ?
Kakashi - huh ? no, I don't...
White Fang - "Rank means nothing, what matters are your actions, succesful of the mission"
Kakashi - yes...I remember now...
White Fang - you will See Obito, that I can promise to you, but not yet.
Kakashi - what are you getting at ?
White Fang - you still have a mission to do, my son, your time has not yet come to an end.
Kakashi - have no...
White Fang - you haven't used that technique because you thought it was too dangerous, but if you won't do something, the Village will meet it's end!!
Kakashi - ...!
(The surrounding area slowly starts to dissapear, replaced but the real world)
White Fang - We will meet again, my son.
Kakashi - Dad...
(zoom to Kakashi, being covered by the ruins)
Kakashi - *coughs* Dad...thank you... heal gate, release!
Scene at Naruto.
Fukusaku - Naruto-kun, have you ever talked to the Nine-tails ?
Naruto - yes, rarely but yes, last time it was when I was trying to get my friend home.
Fukusaku - how are your conversations like with it ?
Naruto - well, he he's allways convincing me to release the Seal.
Fukusaku - have you ever...concidering doing what he requests ?
Naruto - no...i mean, yes, but i was just imagining what power would i get from that.
Fukusaku - power ? Naruto-kun, your life would end with the moment you would do that, don't you ever forget that!
Naruto - oh...okay!
Fukusaku - well, how should I put this...if you wan't to use Sage mode, you have to find a way to convince the Kyuubi to not reject me.
Naruto - huh ? how could I possibly do that ? aksing him about...
Fukusaku - the beast may be evil, but it doesn't lack mind. you have to make a little chit-chat with him.
Naruto - but...I don't even know where to start from ! what would I tell him !?
Fukusaku - you'll use this (shows him a weird hat-thing)
Naruto - I'm not gonna wear it, its ugly!
Fukusaku *sigh* this "ugly" hat, will put you into a Koma state, or more like near-death state.this is how we meditate!
Naruto - I dunno about this, I promised myself i would never see his face again...
Fukusaku - think about it Naruto-kun, if you could make his cooperate, to give you power, whenever you need, combining this with the Sage would Surpass Jiraya!! Kyuubi chakara is hurting you, and at the same time healing, right ?
Naruto - yea...
Fukusaku - with the Sage mode, that Chakara would be doing nothing to you!
Naruto - really !? *smiles*
Fukuasku - yes, have faith boy! if this fail, we'll find some other way, you have nothing to lose! *also smiles*
(Scene at the Akatsuki hideout. shows Sasuke and his crew.)
Sasuke - Taka, we are heading to Konoha.
(zoom at Madara's eye.)

Next chapter - new bonds ?

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These are collated Predictions, Theories and Spoilers of Naruto Manga Chapter 437. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto Chapter 437 by Wednesday, February 25 (Japan Time). The English Translated copies will be released Friday.

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