Sunday, 22 February 2009

Naruto manga 437 Spoiler discussion

Share Your prediction on next naruto manga chapter.

Here's the info in previous chapter:
Finaly they know something about pain, but is that enough to defeat pain?
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www.mangaspoilernaruto.blogspot.comWho will be sent to find pain hideout, because other ninja in konoha was injure.
My prediction is gai team, what about yours?
Naruto being stab on his hand, can he escape from pain?
Pain can't push his body to fight with naruto again, or he will be in danger situation
www.mangaspoilernaruto.blogspot.comAnd this is the hot news on naruto manga chapter
Jiraiya say's that Minato AKA Yondaime left the most powerfull jutsu, and hope naruto can complete that jutsu
What is that jutsu?
www.mangaspoilernaruto.blogspot.comCan that jutsu defeat Uchiha madara?

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Anonymous said...

is that jutsu was teleport jutsu?
what your's?

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