Friday, 13 February 2009


The manga will release soon, and will be update as soon as possible.
At the previous chapter

The fog has ben defeated by pain "shinra tensei", they can't fight any more

The old frog (Fukasaku) being stab by pain black sword

Naruto hands also being stab by pain black sword

This is my prediction
Based to the previous chapter the possible scenario of the plot for the "Naruto manga 436" chapter is

1. Ino father finally figure out where the real pain and tell to shikamaru
2. Shikamaru will help naruto to find the real pain
3. Naruto will use the kyuubi power and transform into 4 tail
4. Naruto finally defeat pain with the power of 4 tail
5. Fukasaku not die and still can use the hipnotize jutsu to help naruto
6. The gai team will show up and help naruto

Release Date info

* Naruto anime 97 (02/19/09)
* Naruto anime 98 (02/26/09)
Naruto manga chapter 436 (02/20/09)
* Naruto manga chapter
437 (02/27/09)

Naruto manga 435 Download

For now, tell us what you think will happend in the next chapter....
Share your prediction for the next chapter here

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