Thursday, 12 February 2009

Download Naruto Manga 435

Naruto Shippuden anime episode 96 has been release

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The manga chapter 435 has been release

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Naruto vs pain in Naruto manga 436 Spoiler and prediction

Status: Theories and Prediction

I can see toward the end of the next chapter after the monologue a determined Naruto still not giving up wrenching his hands free from a shocked Pain. Pain will probably discover that unlike with other ninja, that his disruptive chakra will not be enough to overwhelm Naruto. Due to what he can already endure almost as if it were nothing, while others would easily succumb to it.

Nagato may learn after this fight that his greatest threat does not come from the power of the Kyuubi, but just as Yamato once said, from Naruto's true strength the power of his own chakra.
by: 4ghost

naruto has greatly improved greatly but as of right know deva realm is on a whole other level than the other 5 bodies. the frogs and konoha elite are down. the best the leaf ninja can hope to do now is find nagato's real body, but they will not find him in time to stop pain from taking naruto.

maybe pain monologue will give some help time to arrive, but i doubt it. if team gai shows up they will not be much help, since they are all mainly taijutsu fighters.

naruto's only option is the 9 tails, and calling on the 9 tails would not show naruto's weakness. naruto is hella strong, but he is not on nagato's level yet. he needs the fox right now.
by: chess4

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bob said...

i really hope that the red chakra will appear in the next episode its been quite sometime since we saw the kyubi hehe btw i think naruto will win the one that pain capture is one of naruto kagebunshin.....peace

Anonymous said...

pain so powerfull, i hope naruto will win:x

Anonymous said...

I think in manga chapter 435..naruto will use the nine tail chakra,
pain will no chance to defeat naruto if naruto merge the nine tail chakra with sage chakra.
Naruto will become super naruto

this blog ( is really awsome

Anonymous said...

bob is right, that's a kagebunshin..
that's not the real naruto

Anonymous said...

i think Gais tim will come in time to distract Pain and then naruto will kick his but

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