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Spoiler Naruto Manga 435

Naruto vs pain
Naruto chakra being absorb by pain, and Naruto out of "sage chakra" again. Naruto in very dangerous situation, because there's only 1 more kagebunshin.

Pain "Shinra Tensei" is a great jutsu, you can see that gamabunta, gamaken, gamahiro is defeat by this jutsu.

Now we just wait naruto shippuden chapter 435 spoiler raw released to download or watch it online. At this rate the possible scenaries of the plot between naruto and pain in Naruto manga 435 :
  1. That being absorb by pain was Naruto kagebunshin
  2. Naruto will defeat pain with use his last sage mode
  3. That will be another help for naruto from being defeated by pain ( i think this is imposible because no one else in konoha that can fight agains pain) naruto is the one that can defeat pain
  4. Naruto will defeat by pain most powerfull jutsu
  5. Naruto will use the key of jutsu from jiraiya scroll (see chap. 370)
  6. Naruto was out of chakra and use the nine-tail chakra to defeat "pain"
  7. The Pa,Ma (frog) was ready with the illusions, then release the jutsu so naruto can defeat "pain" with Fuuton rasenshuriken
  8. Sasuke will show up...( imposible, now the manga is more focus on naruto vs pain)
Other Spoiler
Status: Unconfirmed

*Pein: Mission Accomplished.
*Nagato: Pein needs to recover bodies
*Pa Frog: Only a little more…Hang on Naruto-Chan!
*Genjutsu Duet!*
*Tendou Pein: Not this time…Shinra Tensei
*between both Ma and Pa Frog*
*Ma and Pa are blown away, knocked unconcious*
*Naruto appears in front of Kyuubi’s Cage*
*Kyuubi: You’re weak…pathetic…
*Outside Naruto’s Mind*
*Ko: Hinata-Sama! Don’t Go!
*Hinata closes Ko’s Chakra points*
*Hinata: I’m very sorry Ko, forgive me.
*Hinata rushes to the battlefield*
*Tendou Pein: Preparations are made, it’s finally time.
*Tendou Pein: !?
*Hinata attempts to use 64-Palm Strike*
*Tendou Pein: You must be the Nine Tailed Fox’s woman..To charge directly in front of God so recklessly.
*Tendou Pein stabs Hinata through the center of the chest with a black rod*
*Naruto regains conciousness, only to see Hinata stabbed*
*Naruto: *thinks* HINATA! Wh-
*Tendou Pein: Your woman is dead, you will meet with her shortly.
*Naruto’s chakra is sapped even more, rendering him unconcious once more.*
*Naruto’s Mind*
*Naruto is crying*
*Naruto: Fox, it seems I have no choice.
*Kyuubi: Fool…I knew..You are weak without me!
*Naruto: ENOUGH!…Fox, You will obey me…or Die

The other prediction

1. Having absorbed the sage chakra from Naruto, Pain turns into a frog because the concentrated sage chakra reversed into unbalanced natural energy after having just sucked out from the original container (that is Naruto).

2. The Naruto that Pain captured is not the real Naruto but only a more realistic illusion created by the remaining frogs. The real Naruto get’s into the scene and there goes Pain crumbling into pieces with Naruto Manga Chapter 435.

3. Naruto, together with the five frogs, uses the Frog Song and freeze pain in mid-air. Naruto Manga 435 ends along with the real Pain.

4. Hyuuga Hinata comes into the scene and gets hurt by Pain. Seeing this happen to a dear friend, the real Naruto chakra comes out and finishes off Pain.

5. Danzo comes to rescue Naruto and earn Naruto’s favor which is one tactic Danzo will use to gain the trust of the leaf village and later on overthrow the Godaime’s regime.

Other prediction

Naruto :…. It absorbs my chakra …!
Fukasaku: Naruto Chan forgive me, you have to resist a little …
Naruto leaves Pain to absorb his chakra and he closes his eyes. It’s a plan!
It seems that Naruto wants his bread absorbs energy without resistance.

Pain sudden change: her eyes and her face and its members become those of a toad!
God Pein: “What!”

Fukasaku: Haha! Well done! Bread has absorbed too much natural chakra and that is why more and more it becomes a toad.
Naruto tries to escape.

Change of scene: You see Shikamaru Ino and Inoichi Anbu before Shizune.
Shikamaru: Oh no! Shizune is dead?
Ino :…..

The scene moves to Gamabunta.
Gamabunta: “Shit …!” He seems to have a lot of broken bones. The two frogs are still on the ground, unconscious.

The scene Shikamaru & Company.

Shikamaru: I understand …..
Ino crying: If we were stronger ca would never come …!
Shikamaru: Shizune’s death should not be unnecessary, it was investigating the secret of Pein and his search for these products, we must move forward ….!
Shikaku: Go with your Jutsu Inoichi you must be able to understand the position of control Pein.
Inoichi: I know I tried, but Pein is able to control the chakra in a way that I know absolutely impossible to understand his position.

The scene back on Naruto.

Naruto tries to break free, Pain Fukasaku is black with a sword, the same who killed Jiraiya.
Fukasaku is heavily ground.
Pain turned Fukasaku: You’ve done a good job, but it ends here.
Shima desperately short Fukasaku: My darling!
Naruto falls on the ground.
Naruto: I do forgive thee never …

Pein: Banshyo Knin
Naruto is attracted to Pein, Pein is with the same weapon with which he attacked Fukasaku.
Pain hits Naruto.
Pein takes Naruto to the throat and threw on the ground with the black sword.
Fukasaku is on the ground with no signs of life with tears Shima him.
Pein: Kyuubi makes you against my Rinnegan
Naruto: Either cursed … Why you do this?
Pein: Why’…? I was too concentrated in the destruction of Konoha … But I see now that you remember why I made this …. And now I’ll tell you …

The scene returns to Shikamaru and co.
Shikamaru: Katsuyu Information is not enough, we need to know a little something more to develop a strategy, the bodies of people killed by Pein could have important information.
INOC bombed eyes: Wait a second … I understand, I know what to do
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Release Date info

* Naruto anime 96 (02/12/09)
* Naruto anime 97 (02/19/09)
Naruto manga chapter 435 (02/13/09)
Naruto manga chapter 436 (02/20/09)

For now, tell us what you think will happend in the chapter 435.... You can share your prediction here

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Anonymous said...

I think in Naruto manga 435, That being absorb by pain was Naruto kagebunshin.
so The Pa,Ma (frog) was ready with the illusions, then release the jutsu so naruto can defeat "pain" with Fuuton rasenshuriken

shippuden-anime said...

naruto will win, i can't wait naruto manga 435

Anonymous said...

naruto will use nine tail chakra and merge it with the sage chakra, he become super naruto
:)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

Anonymous said...

naruto will use the teleport jutsu, just like his father

Anonymous said...

Super naruto? u mean like Dragon ballz:? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

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